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In a girls's language,
"I'm almost ready" means,

I have just started.. give her time..
Peter : "Are you ready?"

Isabell : "I'm almost ready.."

Peter : "Ok.."

5 minutes after..

Peter : "Are you ready?"

Isabell : "Ya..just one more minute..."

10 minutes after...

Peter : "Are you DONE????"

Isabell : "Can't you wait???"

30 mimutes after..

Peter : "We are so late!! Are you ready?"

Isabell : "One second.."

Peter : "I thought YOU were almost ready 30 minutes ago!!"

Isabell : That was when I was finishing up with wearing clothes"

Peter : "10 minutes ago?"

Isabell : "Oh..I was doing my make-up.."

Peter : -_-
by Lollica April 30, 2010
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