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the pooper is the ass, dumbfuck
I'd stick it in the pooper = I'd do her indabutt.
by Nick D February 21, 2003
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To stick an item usually a penis inside another's butt; commonly found in most imageboards, forums, public restroom walls, 4chan, etc., also usually accompanied with the picture of an angry japanese man shouting into a phone.

A: "I just met this girl recently, but I don't know what to do with her. What should I do?"

B: "I'd stick it in the pooper."

C: "Stick it in her pooper!"

by Felix Martinez December 23, 2006
What you say when you see a bangin girl and you nudge your buddy basically to tell him that you'd bang the shit out of her. But not always in the pooper, it's just an expression.
I love going to high school games, so many young girls, see that one, yea I'd stick it in the pooper.
by coby February 23, 2003

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