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An expression meaning that a public bathroom is clean enough to poop in. See I'd Hit That
John: How is the bathroom at the hockey arena?
Bill: Not bad, actually, I'd shit that.
by The Puñeta November 30, 2010
Similar to they saying "I'd hit that" but in terms of food, and eating it, not banging it.

Would be most appropriately used when a very tasty food item appears in your general
Guy 1 "Man that burger looks amazing man."

Guy 2 "Yeah IKR."

Guy 3 "Yeah man I'd shit that in a heartbeat."

Guy 4 "Man, I'd Shit that for days."

Guy 1 "Ouch."

Guy 2 " Yeah man, you should have that looked at."
by SteveTheWalrus July 30, 2013
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