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An expression meaning that a public bathroom is clean enough to poop in. See I'd Hit That
John: How is the bathroom at the hockey arena?
Bill: Not bad, actually, I'd shit that.
by The Puñeta November 30, 2010
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Similar to they saying "I'd hit that" but in terms of food, and eating it, not banging it.

Would be most appropriately used when a very tasty food item appears in your general
Guy 1 "Man that burger looks amazing man."

Guy 2 "Yeah IKR."

Guy 3 "Yeah man I'd shit that in a heartbeat."

Guy 4 "Man, I'd Shit that for days."

Guy 1 "Ouch."

Guy 2 " Yeah man, you should have that looked at."
by SteveTheWalrus July 30, 2013
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