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A term meaning that your going to do something. A combination of the words I'm and ganna. Proof that Americans are getting better and better at butchering the English Language.
Larry: Imunna go to the mall.

Gena: Imunna go get a drink
by Learntotalkpeople February 25, 2010

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An extreme chat contraction for "I am going to" that takes "I'm gonna" to the next, shortest version.
Then once I've got some experience under my belt, I'munna open my own 4-5star restaurant. :D
by cheeser April 20, 2005
*I'm going to...* Originated as a result of the lazy dialect of the citizens of the Northwestern United States. Imunna -- eye-mun-na (spoken quickly)
Imunna go take a nap.
by Jake June 26, 2004