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Something you say to someone who is joking around with you, causing you to get upset like a little paranoid bitch and drink all of their beer. Usually this is a last resort when your intelligence suffers so badly that you can't think of anything clever to say.
Mike felt like crying like a little baby at Beavermead, so he said "I'll punch you in the face!".
by Binary Jay July 05, 2005
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When you have some reason to be mad at someone you may feel inclined to punch them in the face.

A frequently used hashtag on twitter. #illpunchyouintheface

Or, you may be so mad you forget to use spaces.

See this page to see comments with other examples.
If you steal my beer again illpunchyouintheface!
If you mention #winning again in a tweet #illpunchyouintheface
by illpunchyouintheface May 08, 2011
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