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A phrase that you say indicating approval of something, especially something sexual.
Best used for humor in situations where your approval isn't actually required.
Based on the catchphrase of referee Mills Lane on the show Celebrity Deathmatch.
Girl: I'm going to wear a very skimpy skirt tonight.
Guy: I'll allow it!

*Your buddy uploads a picture to facebook of him devouring a huge, delicious burger.*
Comment: I'll allow it.
by ohaitho July 18, 2011
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A catch phrase that is slowly becoming popular in and around Buffalo, NY and the Niagara Region of Ontario. Often used when no actual approval is necessary or required. Best used in situations where the topic of conversion or particular comment made by someone embodies a particular style/character facet of the phrase user.
Timmy: BRB I'm going to go get that MILF's digits.
Johnny: I'll allow it...
by JohnnyMacKenzie July 03, 2013
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