"I agree with you on that subject."

Derived directly from a song by the same name performed by the Temptations, and frequently played on oldies radio stations in the United States. Usage is generally considered bad form, as typically it's anything except an emotion that the person is agreeing with.
When I told Clyde that the best thing for the cash was to be placed overnight in the safe, he said "I second that emotion". I promptly beat him over the head with a stack of one dollar bills.
by dennisthetiger May 03, 2005
Top Definition
"I agree."

It's basically a misuse of verbage from the Town Hall form of voting, also used in many clubs and other organizations, where someone makes a motion (suggestion), and someone else will second (agree with) it in order to bring the issue to a vote.

person 1: I make a motion to accept this issue with the proposed amendment.

person 2: I second that motion

chairperson: All in favor say aye

<voting commences>

It's a mispronounciation that just stuck, since you might actually agree with the emotion behind the particular decision which is being discussed.
dude1: dude, we should totally hit taco bell
dude2: dude, i second that emotion
by Brew78 August 28, 2006
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