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It's quite simply the most retarded comeback someone makes when they've completely lost the argument. This statement signifies that the argument has gone to a completely immature level. Below is a hardcore argument starting with the immature statement :)
Person 1: I know you are, but what am I?

Person 2: Good question. What are you?

Person 1: Wow, you're so dumb, you don't even know what I am?

Person 2: You're so dumb, you can't even answer my question.

Person 1: I don't answer stupid questions. Sorry.

Person 2: Then you shouldn't have made your first one.
by Searingwolfe July 12, 2011
A retort with profound implications. Pee Wee's greatest contribution to youth culture.
Person A: You smell bad.

Person B: There's this thing about a small squirrel and how nobody loves you. Hi-ya! Now that's what I call a verbal bitch-slap.

Person A: I know you are, but what am I?

Person B: Haha what a complete fail of a a comeback. It's like, your face is all red, and you can't come up with a comeback.

Person A: It made no sense, but therein lies the point. The notion that one needs to respond with a rehearsed "comeback" is inane. Your squirrel-centric comeback was also inane; it failed to address your abhorrent smell, it seemed to mistake randomness for wit (really a squirrel?), and the mere fact that you would use it as an example of a verbal bitch-slap is laughable, as it lacks slap. It is quite slap-less. I respond to inanity with inanity.

Person B: Well, "your" still a faggot. And now I'm going to win this by blowing your mind with an ounce of inverse-Descartian drivel.

Person A: Nooooooooooooooo
by wrongontheinternet October 20, 2010
An amateur insult comeback. It is often regarded as one of the worst possible insult comebacks, being criticized for its lack of creativity, low versatility, and manipulation of English grammar in the word "you."

The comeback was popularized by a scene from the 1985 film 'Pee-Wee's Big Adventure,' in which Pee-Wee Herman repeatedly says the comeback after being told a string of insults by someone else.
Mark: You should have let me copy your test answers in class today.
Jim: No, it's against the rules. Stop relying on me to bail you out all the time. You're such a blowhard sometimes...
Mark: Oh, yeah? Well, you're a coffee whore whose father is on crack!
Jim: I know you are, but what am I?
Mark: You're a loser who doesn't let me copy your test answers in class!
Jim: I know you are, but what am I?
Mark: -_- seriously dude
by A Person Named August 11, 2013
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