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A way of promoting the sell of some purple colored weed.
Cheech: A mayne where the trees at?
Chong: I got it right here for you cuz.
Cheech: It better not be no raisins!
Chong: Naw fool I got grapes
by Leemo79 September 28, 2006
When someone has purps. Purple fuckin weed.
Perhaps they are selling them, maybe they're just braggin. ignore that idiot that said it means extremely potent weed. There many kinds of potent weed. Purple, well that's just different, a whole nother level.
guy with the grapes- hey you smokin'?
guy without the grapes- yeah...some green buds.
guy w/grapes- I got grapes!
by Dominique West September 28, 2007
A phrase that one says to someone. meaning you have Extremely potent weed.
Gules: Aye man i got grapes!!!!!!
Daniel: SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!
by peter new man May 01, 2006
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