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I can't be ringed is a phrase used by small pockets of Scottish People. It originated from Kilsyth, a small town north north west of Glasgow. The term was spontaneously created by a Kilsythian and has become somewhat popular amongst his community. Although not all agree with the term, it is believed to have the potential to become nation-wide at least! 'I can't be ringed' is an alternative saying for, I cant be bothered, or I cant be arsed. The word was invented by the creator because of its more "Lazy" sounding psychological effect. it comes from the term ring-piece. Which is used to refer to ones sphincter
Marcus: Come on lets go into town today!

Me: .... I can't be ringed.

Marcus: Come on ya lazy shit.

Me: Do I have to repeat myself...?
by Jonsey-boy-live December 13, 2010
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