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...and I have the balls.

Said as "I am Dave EXCLAMATION MARK yognau(gh)t!"

The call of greeting between multiple yognau(gh)ts whenever they meet.

First used in YoGPoD 32: I am Michael McDonald and I Listen to the YoGPoD All Day. It was a saying taken from a fan-letter by "Nick Fuckface" from Australia describing his encounters with a shaken soda can which created a singularity. Simon/Honeydew approved of this saying and encouraged Yognau(gh)ts to use as a greeting. It stuck with the fanbase.
Yognaut: "I am DAVE! YOGNAU(GH)T!"
Yognaught: "...and I have the balls!"
Yognaut: "Eiffel tower."
by PKFifer November 20, 2011
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