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A fashion of living in which blatant disregard for all other people, their feelings, and their personal belongings is rudimentary. Fucking shit up.
A) I went to that party all "I dont give a fuck style" and ended up shitting on the couch after I punched some nasty bitch in the box.
by M To the Rizzle November 30, 2005
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A style of acting or speaking that portrays lack of interest or caring. Doing the anything without fear of consequence or reprocussion. Really you can do anything "I dont give a fuck style". Hell, im writing this definition i dont give a fuck style cuz i dont care who reads it or who it offends or who it hurts.
a) That stupid bastard Eminem raps "I dont give a fuck style" all the time

b)Damn dude! You busted that mailbox "I dont give a fuck style"!
by Russ Bus September 05, 2005

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