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The land of Link, the hero of all Zelda games.
Hey, let's go to Hyrule!
by Keegster April 28, 2003
72 15
The main kingdom in The Legend of Zelda video game universe. It's where Princess Zelda lives; the land of the Hylians, the pointy eared people.
Hyrule Kingdom holds many secrets within it...
by rafarafa May 26, 2005
170 51
A term used to denote any stage in a fighting game that is favored above other stages as the primary arena. It is derived from the stage, 'Hyrule Castle', in SSBM being very popular.
Tools, "Please pick hyrule,"
Junction, "What? Thats not even in this game"
Tools, "Im sorry -- parking garage, all the other stages pretty much suck in this game."
Junction, "Oh, true."
by Conjuration July 17, 2008
19 11