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(noun) The opposite of hyperbole. A gross under-exaggeration that can't possibly be true.
a hypobole: I think I scored a negative 55 on that geography quiz.
by Jonah Ptak December 02, 2007
9 9
A drastic understatement. The opposite of hyperbole.
To say that the weather in Los Angeles "isn't bad" is hypobole.
by Jamin' September 12, 2005
22 4
As opposed to "hyperbole," "hypobole" is an understatement.
Student's Poem: "Superman is okay."
Teacher: "You just used the literary device of hypobole."
by J Harding May 13, 2004
6 6
see: the opposite of hyperbole.
the only thing i could use to describe the way michigan played today is absurd hypobole
by Jsamesio November 23, 2004
2 9