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(noun) The opposite of hyperbole. A gross under-exaggeration that can't possibly be true.
a hypobole: I think I scored a negative 55 on that geography quiz.
by Jonah Ptak December 02, 2007
A drastic understatement. The opposite of hyperbole.
To say that the weather in Los Angeles "isn't bad" is hypobole.
by Jamin' September 12, 2005
As opposed to "hyperbole," "hypobole" is an understatement.
Student's Poem: "Superman is okay."
Teacher: "You just used the literary device of hypobole."
by J Harding May 13, 2004
see: the opposite of hyperbole.
the only thing i could use to describe the way michigan played today is absurd hypobole
by Jsamesio November 23, 2004