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Situation in which an endless loop of an event (whether that be an activity, a day, a week, or any other period of time) is perpetuated from the standpoint of one cell (usually a person, in fiction) so that they can tweak details of the occurrence (or have them tweaked by other factors) in order to achieve a goal.

This can be both good and bad, in the sense that it's for a good cause, or it's a nightmare trap for some unfortunate victim.
P1: The movie Primer has a serious case of Hypercell Cage Syndrome, as exuded by the end in which an inordinate amount of time (and unknowable number of retries) is spent in perfecting an action during a party to prevent a potentially negative outcome.

P2: How so?

P1: One of the main characters uses a homemade time travel device to loop the same event.

P2: Oh, I see. I'm going to go spam that term on fb now.
by bundillion May 10, 2012
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