Any combination of an energy drink and powdered drink mix that creates a beverage with the consistency of syrup.

In small doses, can cause jittery behavior, and unruly antics. In larger doses, or done in shots, can result in a sugar coma or death.

Also known as "Sweet Liquor".
Doctor, all I am allowed to say about my friend here in your ER is that he has consumed too much hyperaid
by Ian John Willis February 02, 2011
Top Definition
1.) A most vile concoction. Where one mixes Kool Aid powder with their preferred energy drink (Rockstar, Monster, etc...). Alcohol may also be added, but is not suggested as even one shot of alcohol added to the already lethal amounts of caffeine will make a drink stronger than a four loko.

2.) Basically, Crystal meth in liquid form.
Damn, I wanna try something stronger than weed, but I don't wanna shoot or snort anything.

Let's make some hyperaid!
by Ass McFaggerson February 23, 2011
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