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A moron. Twit. Turd. Shitface. Asshat. Monkey.
HyperHorse joins #atomicmpc at 5:18PM
Bear-Dog Oh sweet merciful crap. HH is here.
by frank May 18, 2004
A retarded Atomicmpc Chatroom user. He fulfills his days by hitting on young boys and being ignorant in all things normal.

HyperHorse tries to defend himself but like a mouse against a cat he ends up being eaten.

The General approach to HyperHorse is via blocking.
20:52 <incubii> lol is that really him?
20:52 <Xrunner> yes
20:52 <incubii> ahaha pic explains his mentality
20:52 <johnsim> i would bet my testicles that he has never kissed a girl. his mother included.
20:53 <incubii> lol
20:53 <incubii> he thought she was a girl
20:53 <incubii> honest mistake he told me
20:54 <incubii> anyone could mistake a buldge in the pants for a goita
by Xachro January 25, 2005