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A relatively new term, a hypercar is an ultra high performance supercar where form follows function. These cars push the cutting edge of technology, with stratospheric price tags and scarcely believable performance figures. Usually cars of this calibre are race homologation specials (CLK GT-R, 911 GT1, XJR-15) or custom built/modified supercars (Koenig twin turbo Testarossa, Brabus Black Series MB, etc), but hypercars are production vehicles designed exclusively with road use in mind. This makes them far more practical than race-bred cars, which are often extremely uncomfortable and essentially useless outside of a racetrack.

Hypercars go above and beyond the average supercar. They are the most over-engineered consumer products on the planet, built to be a collection of mind boggling numbers instead of merely a tool for dropping panties (think Gallardo versus MP4-12C, or even Alfa 8C versus Nissan GT-R).

Cars such as the Pagani Huayra, Bugatti Veyron, Koenigsegg, LaFerrari F70, Porsche 918 and McLaren F1 all fit the definition for 'hypercar'.
The McLaren F1, due to being so ahead of its time and utterly unrivaled, could well have been the first ever true 'hypercar'.
by gordongekkoisback March 05, 2014
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Hypercars have very efficient propulsion, weight-efficient construction, and outstanding aerodynamics. While any one of these characteristics alone can create good performance, when all three are combined the resulting hypercars can exceed typical Autobahn speeds, offer good handling, and achieve astounding fuel economy.

Usually with engines that have more than 10 cylinders, built from carbon fiber, and have the engine in the back, for better aerodynamics. A hypercar shares the same characteristic of a mussel car by not requiring great handling performance, it's more about strait line speed.
Lamborghini, Ferrari and Maserati are the top hypercar manufactures in the World.
by example85 May 14, 2011
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Often mistaken for Super cars. Both are very expensive but Super cars are designed for messing with G-Forces while Hyper cars are designed for messing with G-Strings.
Person 1: "Wow that Koenigsegg KILLED that Lamborghini"

Person 2: "Yeah but you'll get more pussy with that Hyper car"

Note: The Lamborghini being the Hyper car in this example.
by Blair T. February 06, 2008
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