A potent alcoholic beverage, created by drinking a 40oz King Cobra down to its label and then pouring an entire can of Four Loko back in. Created on Woodlawn Ave in Springfield Ohio, this party starter caused never-before-seen levels of mayhem until its demise in 2010, when true Four Loko was outlawed by the FDA. Other combinations of malt liquor, or attempting to use Faux Loko, will not succeed in resurrecting the true viper.
"I've only got $8 to my name, so I'm going to down two Hyper Vipers and blackout for the weekend."
by ezrak May 15, 2013
Top Definition
An alcoholic drink when someone drinks a King Cobra half way down the label, then pours an entire can of JOOSE energy drink alcohol. Its a recipe for a raging good time, and originated at Ohio University on Palmer St.
I am going to drink a hyper viper tonight, because I want to get fucked up and rage!
by Hurricane Clark January 26, 2009
40 oz of King Cobra + Sparks (after Cobra is 1/3 empty).

Originating in Northern Ohio (specifically Cleveland), brought here through reputable sources of crunkdom.

Two years of orange mouths goin strong. The legacy lives on.
"Ay, that Cobra is lookin kinda rank. Why don't you hype that vipe. Get yoself a hyper viper, son."
by KellyShea February 26, 2007
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