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The medicinal Special Forces. pour it on a cut, scrape, etc, and it'll foam white. hurts like crap, but it kills everything bad.
i usually wait about a day before applying Hydrogen Peroxide to a cut or scrape, that way it hurts less.
by Chowderz May 09, 2011
Something that can kill you if you drink it!
Its formula is H2O2!
It is proof that oxygen is like the human race... murdering as well as life-sustaining.

PS... It is not all bad, it can be used as a steriliser and as a teeth whitener, just DON'T DRINK IT!
Guy 1: I need a drink... Ahhh a cup of water.
Guy 1: Relax m8, it's just an extra oxygen atom...
Guy 2: But Oxygen is like the human race... it's...
(Guy 1 goes all pale and dies)
Guy 2: NOOOO, H2O2 kills... I didn't make that obvious??? WAAAAAAAA
by Itz Rob May 23, 2016
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