An Elite Gaming Squad that plays serveral games and bans cheaters from their servers. is the Offical Site
Ghost Recon, Raven Shield, Nascar, BF1942
by NightMare August 10, 2003
Top Definition
An elite group of players who primarily play Ghost Recon, HyDa stands for "hump yo dead ass". The group was thrust into the spotlight after an unknown player, 'Radio' joined the team. Quite possibly by Gods hand alone he mounted the corrupt ranks of the leauge TAG, and there, at the top, was where he rested until the villians at TAG managed to team up and punish Radio for his exellence. The officials did eveything in their power to bring down the angel Radio from his perch above the mortals in the ladder far, far below him. The legend of Radio lives on, which is the only reason HyDa still is around, as no mortal can put out the flame known as 'RADIO' ! We salute you RaDio!
-"hey lets find someone to play a ranked game of ghost recon against.."
-"okay, hey lets play HyDa"
-"NO, mabey RaDio came back, we dont want to lose!!!!!!"
by Nate Kupecz February 06, 2004
"Hump your Dead ass"
rb6 clan '98 - today. nt?

example ?

by 411 October 23, 2003
HyDa Hump Your Dead Ass. A noob team of Ghost Recon players that can become unstoppable with the combination of glass bushes and blimp jeet.
Fucking HyDa noobs.
Hey look its the HyDa blimp.
by HyDa_CaBLeGuN February 29, 2004
An elite Ghost Recon who have proudly played Ghost Recon for 3 years and been at the top or every major lader. Lead by their super leet leader rambo. There will bever be one as great as he.
"HyDa is nothign without RaMBo"
"RaMBo completes hyda"
by RaMBo aka ~ThE.zFaCToR~ February 15, 2004
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