Huu--Call used by Permian JROTC members and others as well, in order to find one another if lost. In this case, the one lost would yell "Huu!" and hopefully get a response back in order to be found
Bob:"Oh no, where is everyone?....Huu!"
Dion(in response): "Huu!"
Bob:"There they are!"
by Robert (Bob) July 31, 2006
Top Definition
A Permian JROTC call that involves all members when one becomes lost or disoriented. Used to find other members of the Permian JROTC.
Bob:"Oh no! Where did everyone go?......Huu!"
Bob:"There they are!"
by Robert (Bob) July 31, 2006
Hit you up.
ChadBroChill: Pledge Invaders at noon sharp tmw.

Brosef: Will there be water balloons or do I need to bring my own?

ChadBroChill: Lemme ask my little. I'll huu.

Brosef: Word
by April 20, 2012
The ultimate word created by andrew and zak.
Andrew: Guess what!

Zak: What?

Andrew: I got it to work! HUUUUUU!!!! HUUUUUU!!!!! GET RAPED!!!!!
by Rodney Reynolds (Video Review) April 23, 2009
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