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Term common in Southern Ontario to refer to people, usually working is groups of two, who buy alcohal or cigarettes for underaged youth, usually cheating them out of money in the process. A reference to the movie above.
"He's Hustles up people who want product, and I just Flow on into the LCBO and buy it. That's "Hustle and Flow" for you."
by shatterproof June 29, 2006
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A combination of the terms "hustle" and "flow" that, when possessed and fused correctly, creates a distinct, undeniable swag. One needs hustle in order to flow, however too much hustle can really cramp the style of the flow. But a flow without hustle reaps no reward. One must be smooth and effortless in their display of the proper amount of hustle to properly emulate the swag of "hustle and flow."
Shit son, that Boobie Miles sure knows how to hustle and flow.
by Doc Moses April 06, 2009
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