When you stuff a girls panties in her mouth, then fuck her in the ass doggy style.
Bitch was a freak so I gave her the Hush Puppy. She loved her own taste.
by dmeyer August 30, 2012
clumps or ball-like masses found in underwear, created when a powder, (esp. CORNstarch baby powder), used by men to prevent chafing, combines with sweat. The hotter and more humid the day, the higher the "hushpuppy index", or danger of chafing to your crotch.
It was so hot today that I put baby powder down my drawers this morning, and by noon hushpuppies rolled out when I went to take a leak!
by MikeinOcala June 12, 2008
"hushpuppies" is a french pop-punk band. It's been formed in 2005 in Versailles, near Paris.
"oh i discovered a new song by hushpuppies. It sounds great"
by Gatooou April 19, 2007
A quiet hotdog.
Woah! This hush puppy is delicious!
by metaldud October 13, 2008
1 What you say to your dog when he's barking at two in the mourning.

2 How you describe your dog when he isn't talking
1 Dog: "bark"
Owner: "Hushpuppy"

2 Dan: "gee cody your dog hasn't been barking that much anymore"

Cody: "yeah I'm kinda worried, he might be a hushpuppy,"
by Holden D. Nose December 23, 2008
A pejorative retail slang for window shopping customers (usually female) who like to try on numerous amounts of clothes and shoes but ultimately end up not buying them for a random pointless reason.

There are two types of hush puppies:

A Hush Puppy is a regular customer who has manners and may thank or apologize the sales associate for the inconvenience.

The Hush Bitch is a mean and/or rude customer who do not show manners. They will leave the store without word and will usually do it when the sales associate is at the storage looking for a shoe they asked for.

Both versions are equally annoying. Hush puppies and hush bitches alike are the mortal enemies of sales associates.
Sales Associate A: Dude, I had the worst day today. A Hush Puppy came to the store, asked for 5 pairs of shoes, and then said she didn't like them and just left.

Sales Associate B: Man, that's nothing. Today, a Hush Bitch asked me for 3 pairs of shoes in 2 different sizes, then just left when I was coming back for the other sizes.
by frp19 October 17, 2009
a silent but deadly fart
man 1:I made some hush puppies.
man 2:Like the corn bread?
man 1:nope! lol
man 2: then wha...ohhhh gross man!
by Johnnygrrl February 15, 2010
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