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When you have a major hurricane hitting your area and all your family and extended family gets together in someone's house to take refuge from the storm within the storm area. Usually a Category 2 hurricane or above. A male finds a female family member he finds attractive, usually an adolescent, and tricks her into thinking they will not make it out alive when in reality, the chance of them losing their life in the hurricane is very minimal.

The male then leads the female to a secluded place in the shelter and has consensual sex with her. Afterwards, the hurricane is over and everything is fine and the female is so embarrassed she doesn't tell anyone about the event.
Hurricane Katrina was coming so my entire family and extended family went over my grandmother's house for shelter.

When the hurricane hit, the walls were shaking and my younger cousin was scared. I took her in the other room. It was just me and her and got away with a Hurricane Incest Trick.

Afterwards, there was so much damage and she was so happy we were alive she totally forgot I screwed her brains out.
by The Jax August 18, 2008
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