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Lurking around the corner every weekend, a Hurricane Glester is a category 5 storm, which can lead to catastrophic events.

Simply it is when a man consumes too many alcoholic beverages and becomes a hurricane of emotion, destroying anything in his path. Also known to make bad decisions including drunk dialing ex-girlfriends and starting fights with even the most innocent of his friends.
"Man we got Hurricane Glester’d last night. He had 9 too many Date Rapes and ended up losing his wallet, including a drug dealer worthy bank roll. He called his ex-girlfriend 15 times, and urinated in his own apartment. It was later found that he had destroyed his cell phone AGAIN, and had conceived a Glooper, leaving a clear path of the hurricane's destruction behind him."

*By locking your doors you can’t stop a Hurricane Glester, but only hope to contain it.

by DaPacman March 02, 2009
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