crazy white boy that jumps shit and likes to jump shit
Yo that white boy be mad trippin...
hell yea son... his ass must be a hurdler!!!
by Frank "Scarface" H March 25, 2007
Top Definition
A mutant form of a track runner. These strange people derive pleasure from running a race with shit in the way. No one is quite sure why they would want to jump over things and run. When asked why, they reply, "Its a hurdle thing."
Why try to understand the Hurdler
by Jason Brody December 06, 2003
an athlete in track who likes to hurdle, not jump, over hurdles while running in hopes of winning a race. hurdlers are amazing athletes who work incredibly hard to acieve "perfect form". there usually pretty hot too.
jason brody could never be a hurdler or understand them because he is not an amazing athlete
by 99cali99 November 12, 2006
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