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A sad excuse for a center of learning, located in the fakest part of West Virginia: Huntington, where everyone tries their hardest to be something they're not. The Highlanders (nice mascot) are also known for getting their ass kicked in football, year after year, by the "rednecks" as they call them, at Cabell Midland. Another thing they lack is intelligence, as they continue to show Cabell Midland's superiority when it comes to test scores.
1. If only those Huntington High kids had ever met an actual rapper... they may do a better job of acting like one.

2. "Would you care to join me at the Cabell Midland- Huntington High football game? No thanks, if I want to see a football team like Huntington, I can watch "Dancing with the Stars"."
by 2shots of Yeager April 16, 2006
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