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1. (see "Veronica")
2. adapted from character "Honey Bee" from the popular Lady Gaga feat. Beyonce Telephone video
3. a bona fide sex panther, but still the sweetest girl you'll ever meet <3

4. possibly the most A.D.D. girl in the universe
5. a superhero who flies around the library sprinkling honey and sugar on everyone, sweetening their lives, and bringing a smile to every face :)

6. applicable to any other person with a V name (Victoria, Verona, Vivica, Valentina, Valerie, etc.), but works best with Veronica
She puts a smile on my face every time she walks by, she is such a Hunniiee Vee!

These exams are taking over my life and I'm over it. I was on the verge of dropping out until i spoke to Hunniie Vee; but she inspires me to do better
by sayWHATnow? April 13, 2010
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