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1# Noun. A slang term for sexual intercourse without withdrawal at the point of ejaculation. Made popular by the film "Demolition Man".

Lay me down next to this roaring fire and do the "Hunka-Chunka" to me all evening.
by scottishStonker October 14, 2008
14 5
to do the hunka chunka
by pachuco553 December 03, 2008
22 8
See Fuck.
How bout the hunka chunka?
by N4rF February 09, 2003
5 1
A sexually appealing guy, synomymous to hunka-beef
Wanna get it on with a real hunkachunka
by PhychoSid September 14, 2006
1 2
the horizontal polka; bumpin' uglies; making the beast with two backs; making love; naked bump 'n' grind; also known as coitus
Uh... hey baby... wanna HUNKACHUNKA?
by Nasty Nate June 17, 2003
4 5