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Something that is usually in bad condition, worthless or crappy.
My computer is a hunk of junk, It takes 5 minutes to start up
by DarkerWinter February 01, 2011
A expressive dismay over a tv show/film/magazine article/music/the hairstyle you've ended up with after paying for and etc.

The saying that what you've experienced yourself through,heard of or from is a load of rubbish, shit, poo, garbage (again etc).

To shorten or euphemise the term further would be to say it as a "Hunka Junk".
The recently released movie with the stereotyped gun's and blood criminals along with the hero saving the victim from peril is a "hunk of junk".

The "hunk of junk" that tv broadcasts in the present day would even shame the inventor.

Our vechile sure is a "hunk of junk" and I am not saying that as it being scrap metal.
by SquirrelPower August 09, 2008
The real meaning is a super beautiful woman who is super amazing and incredibly awesome that you dont want to get rid of at all.
Colleen is such a hunk of junk.
by tweediebrd January 26, 2015
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