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1. Aka Hungry Jack's (a "lovely" place that makes even lovelier dodgy burgurs)
2. Due to the fact that are stingy, pay $3 an hour and are money hungry, they are Jewish.
3. Are soo povo that everything is breaking, however don't fix it because it costs money.

Hairy bitches that work there are called "Jewbacca"

Hungry Jews

1. a) "No, I don't want to work at "Hungry Jews"

1. b)"Whopper JEWnior at Hungry Jews

2. Manager of Hungry Jews: "Oh sorry you can't get paid today for working, we're too Jewish.

3. The roof was leaking at Hungry Jews, but they never got it fixed, because it costs money.
by HahahaaJew! September 19, 2008

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