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A word commonly used in an awkward moment or to quickly change a subject to random laughter.
Tina: Hey did you hear about Jim and Sheela
Tony: Um.... Hunga Junga!
by rippolightning June 27, 2009
A completion activity where a male has his genitalia sucked by a male/female whilst trying to make a burger then attempting to feed the sucker the burger without having his genitalia bit off. If he survives with his genitalia, he wins.

Also a saying to be shouted in public when one's junk is in need of moisturising...
'Care to perform some Hunga Junga with me? I have a ready made burger to get it over with...'

-'Alright mate... They may be dry but be a bit more discreet...'
by GuRuNeil February 26, 2014
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