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-Term used by gambling addicts to define their daily $100 bet on the Oklahoma City Thunder

-Purpose is to let other gambling degenerates know that one bet his or her food/gas/college loan money on tonights Oklahoma City Thunder game

-Gambling $100 or more on superheros The Durantula, RWestrook, Serge IBlocka and Fear The Beard Harden
Gambler #1 "Tough loss on your afternoon Cricket parlay, what do you have going on tonight?"

Gambler #2 "Yeah the team was full of birdasses, but obv went Hunder Thunder tonight"

Gambler #1 "Holla! Hunder Thunder me too"

Gambler #2 "Yupp kid, Durantula is about to go hard in the paint"
by HunderThunderWakaFlocka May 17, 2011