hooker; whore; prostitute
-Get these bitches out of here
-Don't you need somebody for the back room, man?
-Let's put a sign: "Hundee for rub 'n tug".
by VictorH April 01, 2006
Top Definition
Has several meanings such as kool, sic, tyte, good, great, awesome, amazing and can be used when describing a person or thing.
example 1: That girl is so hundee i want her phone number!

example 2: If I won the lotto that would be the hundiest thing ever!

example 3: Apple Jacks cereal is hundee!
by Monny Couger December 05, 2010
Slang for $100
How much did that bag cost yo? A hundee.
by robotyo May 14, 2011

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