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Usually in Florida, when a woman shaves her labia (A.K.A.: Coohie) at a NASCAR event or while driving, and her vulva accidentally bulges out making fart noise. (A.K.A.:Quefe)


When a man has an abscess on his penis, usually below the head.
Example sentence 1: Can't believe Mary got arrested because she got a Florida humpback midget at the Daytona 500.
Example sentence 2: I had asked John to take over the wheel while I was shaving when I looked down to see if that noise was because of a Fl humpback midget.
Example sentence 3: "When George got bit by that caterpillar on his wiener last July, it swole up and gave him a humpback midget!"
by Hoborilla&da notorious L.I.N.O April 16, 2010
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