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Beginning your day with a session of sexual activity.
Dude1: You wanta coffee?

Dude2: No Thanks man, my lady slept over last night and we hump started the day.
by biggestmonkey October 27, 2009
to dry hump your parter until they aggree to put out. commonly used among young teenage boys on prom night. WARNING: alcohol may intensify the affects of humpstarting. use only under adult supervision.
i tried to humpstart my wife last night for 2 hours before she aggreed to let me get the buttcheese. THAT'LL LEARN HER!
by CAPPINSTABBIN October 17, 2011
To wake your partner up with a sexual act.
I tried to humpstart my husband this morning, but the dog kept interrupting.
by drunkatbreakfast February 10, 2010
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