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Beginning your day with a session of sexual activity.
Dude1: You wanta coffee?

Dude2: No Thanks man, my lady slept over last night and we hump started the day.
by biggestmonkey October 27, 2009
4 1
to dry hump your parter until they aggree to put out. commonly used among young teenage boys on prom night. WARNING: alcohol may intensify the affects of humpstarting. use only under adult supervision.
i tried to humpstart my wife last night for 2 hours before she aggreed to let me get the buttcheese. THAT'LL LEARN HER!
by CAPPINSTABBIN October 17, 2011
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To wake your partner up with a sexual act.
I tried to humpstart my husband this morning, but the dog kept interrupting.
by drunkatbreakfast February 10, 2010
2 2