a word to use when at a loss for words.
joe: so what are you doing tonight
john: well im going to.. uh.. whats that place.. uh.. humina humina humina...
by hanko September 26, 2006
Top Definition
An expression to imply sexual arousal. Often used when spotting a visually pleasing individual and actual words are lost.

Male cartoon characters of the 30s-40s would say this when seeing a particularly hot dame. This term is not exclusive to males, however.
Gorgeous blonde lounge singer walks into the room and the men proceed cat-calling, whistling, drooling and muttering, "humina humina humina".
by tamashii November 11, 2004
Gettin' some lovin'
Are we havin' some humina humina tonight?
by Rachael October 04, 2003
Something to say when there is nothing left to say.
A dumb way to say you are bored
*5 minutes*
Jeff: humina humina humina!!
by jimmie X December 31, 2005
The sound made by a large automatic weapon with a relatively slow rate of fire as it pinches off rounds.

To test how true this is and how fun it can be just grab a fake gun of some kind and run around pumping your arms and repeatedly shouting "humina humina humina... "
As Arnold's pecs jiggled in response to his firing of the M-60 he couldn't help but notice the pleasing "humina, humina" sound emanating from said gat.
by Larry Cockinface April 25, 2004
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