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Pronunciation: Hum-Bra-Dough

1) Used as an explative primarily for celebratory activities, such as drinking games.

2) Used when an individual is engaged in argument, and the aforementioned individual's opponent makes a remark where rebuttal would be futile.

3) Used when an individual can no longer stand beration or scolding.
1) Entire Party: "King's cup! Drink it!"
Reese: "Aw shit, Humbrado!"

2) Wilbert: "Getting married to that guy at Las Casas del la Selva was such a fucking mistake."
Wilma: "After three years of going out with me, I'm glad you still have the decency to support me even though we broke up."
Wilbert: "Humbrado! Damn, you got me with that one."

3) Kendra: "I can't believe that you still won't clean the kitchen, we're going to get rats and insects in this place, not to mention-"
Kenny: "Humbrado!"
by Mr. Hilary Clinton July 04, 2009
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