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A vulgar sexual deviation, an act which is caused by a "slapping" of the cheek using one's Penis or other sexually orientated device. A Correctly performed "Humberside Headset" causes a headset shaped bruise from ear to mouth upon the right hand side of said face. I.e A shaft-like line down the side of the face caused by the "body" and a circular shape on the chin caused by the helmet of said device/and or Penis.

Explicitly referenced towards Phil Brown, manager of Hull City FC (Humberside) for his persistent wearing of such gear (Headset,) and his insulting intent to ruin premiership football for the whole of the north east, not including Makems. In particular his last day antics during the 08/09 Premiership Football season, upon which he sang unceremoniously after Hull survived relegation.
1. Guy 1: "I met this cute girl the other day... found out she was a Hull City fan..."

Guy 2. "So... what did you say to her?"

Guy 1: "Nothing, just gave her a 'Humberside Headset' and told her to leave..."

2. That Phil Brown is some tosser, id love to see him at the next game bearing the embarressment and indignity of a real 'Humberside Headset'
by MagpieAndOutlaw August 17, 2009
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