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This is the best school in the Bloor-West-Village area of Toronto, Ontario.

The only other nearby schools are Western Technical Institute and Ursula Franklin Academy; they're both schools filled with druggies, and with people who couldn't make it in HCI.

HCI's also the best place to go if you want some weed; all the sellers are legit and won't scam you at all.
Most of the teachers are supportive and make jokes during class

Join these classes/teachers if you want to have a great time there:
Latin - Mr. Skinner
Instruction Computer Science (ICS) - Mr. Hutchison.
Any math classes, if taught by Mr. Hutchison.
Co-Op - Mr. Evely.
What's the best school ever?
Humberside Collegiate Institute.
by Serg! October 01, 2012
Humberside Collegiate Institute ( HCI ) is located in Toronto

and is the BEST school in all of Ontario. The students there are sweet hearts and there amazing, they are well mannered and mature. Humberside Collegiate Institute is a school going from grade 9-12. Humberside mascot is the Husky.
Lets go to Humberside Collegiate Institute



Best place ever

yeah, its a second home to students
by djshdjshsdjshdjshds January 20, 2012

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