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SNLs' City Correspondent Stefon, defines a 'Human Fire hydrant' as a high waisted midget painted in red with a big ass.
He looks like a human fire hydrant!
by The Chabo April 15, 2011
When a high wasted midget wears red pants and have a big ass.
SNL skit with Bill Hader and Seth Myers where Stefon says a club Twice has thought of everything including human fire hydrants
by KIDKIDOOO April 25, 2010
When a high waisted midget wears red pants and has a big butt.
I saw so many human fire hydrants at that club.
by BillHader April 30, 2010
It's when a midget climbs on a fire hydrant and covers themselves with peanut butter.
When I go into the city, I see human fire hydrant.