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When midgets with dreadlocks lay face down on the ground. Commonly found in all the hottest New York clubs.
Man, did you see all the human bath mats in the party room?
by New York Stefon May 17, 2010
55 2

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its that thing of when, like, midgets have dreadlocks & they lay face down on the floor.
stefon: have you heard about new york's hottest club, SLASH?
tranny oakley: no, why? is it any good, stefon?
stefon: any good?! they have a party room filled with human bath mats!
by stefonlovesbabydj May 18, 2010
27 3
It's that thing of when midgets have dreadlocks and they lie down on the floor.
Did you see those human bathmats at New York's hottest club, Slash?
by trikeman May 19, 2010
24 13
it's when a midget with dreads lays flat on their stomach and you use them to dry your feet after a sexy bath.
Jake:Why's that midgets hair so dirty?
Mike: With all that human bath mat action you really shouldn't be surprised.
by jazeck May 20, 2010
3 2