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A person who is fairly stupid and day dreams when they are being talked to or asked somthing.

A good word to use in the military when a soldier of a lower rank fails to notice your commands due to their stupidity.


Pvt - (stands around aimlessly)
Sgt - Fall in to the parade private!
Pvt - *Yawn* (still stands there, scratching his arse)
Pvt - Sorry Sgt didnt hear you, got wax in me ears you see.

by sk8r196 - Human questionmark July 23, 2006
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As to question whether or not you are all ears to a person of authority, or to question someone's intelligence.

Good phrase for use in the Military to lower ranks.
Sgt: Fall in privates!

Pvt: (wanders around aimlessly)

Sgt: What the hell are you doing private? Fall human question mark.
by Owen Uttley July 16, 2006

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