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To sit down on a flat surface and extend your legs in front of you then pushing them into the ground, eventually pulling the rest of your body forward to wherever you want to go. Like a caterpillar motion.

Often used at sporting events to maneuver around blond kids.
Derrick: Oh man I wish I could move around whilst sitting on the ground

Oswald: Do a human caterpillar!

Derrick: Yeah alright.
by Nikkoss March 30, 2012
one person is the head of the caterpillar and the next person has their lips sewn to the asshole of the first person and so on and so on . . . only the head eats and the rest of the bodies are forced to sustain off the feces of the head and so on and so on . . . the body begin to change color with the inevitable rot and malnutrition until metamorphosis into a beautiful shit butterfly
your mom looks like a human caterpillar
by ccc71 June 08, 2010

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