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When ideally a female but can be and anyone places your balls and your ball sack in their mouth and slightly makes a humming sound. This sends a nice vibration through your balls
MAN: hello sexy how bout some hum balls?
Female: I would like nothing more than to give you hum balls

This is a sexual act and a good one at that.
by Sir Nathan White February 17, 2009
(1) The act of taking a man's testicle(s) in your mouth and going "HMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!".

See also "bawhum" (scots) and "plum hum".

(2) Can also be used as a derogatory term.
(1) That Tracey that works in Abdul's Kebabs gives a mean humball if you buy her a half of Bucky!

(2) See Alec in sales? A right humball and no mistake.
by juux December 22, 2004
The act of humming while teabagging, inducing pleasure from the vibration
man, my bird was teabagging me last night then gave me the humballs. sweet!
by Tabannell May 11, 2006
The act of placing your scrotum into a partners mouth whilst they gently hum the theme tune of any popular t.v show
Girl- Hi there how are you?
Guy- Give me a humball

Scotish Girl- Hi there how are you?
Scotish Guy- Gies a Humbaw
by Cantabrian February 26, 2007
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