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The hulk shlong is also known as the Hulk's penis it is as big as 3 football fields or in other words 300 yards. The Hulk Shlong is a force not to be reckon with.
Hey look thats as Big as Hulk Shlo... Shh!! Dont say that it will get you.

How many Hulk Shlongs does it take to fill up a football field. Only 1 because there is only one.
by Jared FatFace February 04, 2009
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a force so great that is in the crotch of hulk, it is so big that if you get the hulk turned on you will get ripped in half
did you see the hulk shlo......, nooo dont say it, it will get you and find you , dont ever say the hulk shlong
by kiiiiiiiii 12 February 04, 2009

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