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When playing TF2 with Hulio as a demoman and he kills everyone on the opposing team with single sticky bombs or demonades due to his hulio hacks.
Order of Hacks:
Level 1: Nub or Noob hacks
Level 2: Admin Hacks
Level 3: Hulio Hacks

Hulio (insert symbol for stickybomb kill) anyone else
Hulio (insert symbol for demonade kill) anyone else

repeat until done

Person 1 (insert symbol for anything kill) Hulio

Person 1: OMG I killed Hulio
Person 2: lol hulio hax
Person 1: I think he sneezed and his finger slipped off the hax button
Persons 2-18: (insert some version of lol)

by AlexOBV September 02, 2008
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