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Any extraodinarily tall or large woman, but not overweight. (see vagiant)
Holy cow! She's a hugina
by Nick February 26, 2004
Large Vagina. A woman with a large vagina
"Holy shit, you have a Hugina,holy shit you have a Hugina" The Gyno said. The woman responded, "Jeeze Doc you didn't have to repeat yourself" The doctor responded. "I didn't"
by Abbygirl May 30, 2008
Used to describe a verry verry big object.
Wow dude, that chick's pussy is huginas!
by elw41 June 06, 2007
A girl with a huge vagina due to too many kids, or just being a whore.
That girl definitely has a hugina. Did you see all the kiss she has? She's such a whore, I bet she has a hugina
by mcurr13 November 01, 2013